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I am a film composer and solo artist from Trieste, Italy. In this website you can find out more about what I have been doing in the past and what I will be working on next.



Luca Ciut had an early introduction to music through his mother’s favourite records. She was notoriously known for listening to her favourites album by Chopin, Mahler and John Lennon at a very loud volumes. Learning classical and electrical guitar throughout his childhood, it was during his teenage years that Luca began to discover the thrilling sensation of creating original music, either by himself or with his rock-band.

When the band split up, dashing his dreams of becoming a famous rock star, he accidentally wrote music for friends’ short films and fell in love with the process, realising that this would be a more fascinating career to pursue.

After reading a biography about Ennio Morricone, Luca realised he wanted to learn the mysterious craft of composition and orchestration as the great Masters did, and decided to apply for the conservatory at the unlikely age of 23. Instead of being kicked out for being too old as everyone would have expect, he go accepted and received his BA in composition, before moving to Los Angeles to attend a film scoring program at UCLA Extension.

There he found out that a lot of the great American film composers he admired were always referring to Morricone and Rota as their inspiration. Was it necessary to cross the ocean to realize this? Go figure.

Today Luca Ciut continues to work as a film composer and producer from his Trieste-based studio in Italy. His main instrument is not the guitar anymore as he fell in love with the piano over the years, but he still reaches for the 6 strings instrument when the right project calls for it.

Beside music, Luca loves interior design and contemporary art.

In 2013 Luca composed and produced his debut album Seventeen Million Lonely Angels, a self-released project inspired by the sounds of the city and conceived as a biographical journey across Los Angeles. The work was reviewed positively and described as “a deft touch for balancing light and dark, joy and melancholy”. The single The Time In Now got awarded as Best of Show at the Global Music Awards.

In 2014 he scored the acclaimed documentary Dancing with Maria, directed by Ivan Gergolet. Awarded at the Festival del cinema of Venezia, the docufilm received the Nomination as Best Documentary at the European Film Awards 2015.

Between 2016 and 2017 Luca scored three new movies, among them Easy – un viaggio facile facile by Andrea Magnani, which received two Nominations at the David di Donatello 2018 (Best Opera Prima and Best Male Character).

In 2018 he composed his second album Per Te Solo Per Te, Per Me Solo, a piano solo project which explores the nature of sentimental relationships.

2019 saw Luca receiving a Nomination for best music at Globi d’Oro 2019 for the soundtrack of Resina, directed by Renzo Carbonera, as well as scoring the soundtrack for Paradise, by Davide Del Degan, which was awarded at the Globi d’Oro Winner as Best Opera Prima 2021.

His latest works include Netflix movie Jumping From High Places by Andrea Jublin and RAI movie Se Mi Lasci Ti Sposo by Matteo Oleotto, both released at the end of 2022.

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