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For you only for you, for me alone. And there is a space in between, a comma. Light, but present. There are things we do for someone else and other things we do for ourselves. And it is not always easy to make them go by the hand, without tugging each other. Words often mingle, they want to take the upper hand, compete to arrive first. So I tried to use a scale where the two arms felt the same, same weight. And if this did not happen, I would start again, to weigh. Because this album is also: for me only for me, for you alone.

This piano solo album was an attempt to capture a period of my life, a period of changes and challenges.

It’s a deep analysis of sentimental relationships and self healing.

Eventually that relationship didn’t finish well and that led me to completely discharge this album and not do any promotion.

I do it now because enough time has passed to make me appreciate it again.


“Even with just a piano at his disposal, Ciut shows he has an acute sense of narrative and drama as he balances moments of eloquent minimalist beauty with lively melodic passages that explode with color and rich sonority. The overall style is fluid, expressive, elegant, and vibrant. Even without understanding or translating the Italian of the song titles, the emotional language of this music resonates with pure clarity.” – Stationary Travels

Solo Album

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