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When I was living in Los Angeles two things struck me: the multitude of sounds in the city and the fact that everybody spent a good part of their life stuck in a car, cut off from other people, a very lonely place for a very lonely existence.

I was really taken with the idea of expressing the contrast between the glittering image of Los Angeles as seen by the outside world, and the reality one breathes in the city itself. I wanted to dig into this human condition.

Conceived as a biographical journey, Seventeen Million Lonely Angels has eight instrumental tracks and two songs, and reflects the influence of composers who have inspired me back then, such as Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen, Gavin Briars and Arvo Pärt. The music features piano, cello, viola, percussions and other instruments.

Every track is inspired by a specific location that I had a personal connection with. If you listen closely you will hear in the background different environmental sounds that I recorded there and used as an additional inspiration.


“Even though Seventeen Million Lonely Angels is quite a melancholic album, it is refreshingly honest, and withdrawn only to a degree which makes you intrigued, and therefore emotionally indebted to its hidden emotionality. Ciut still has room to grow as a composer, but this debut is impressive. His minimal, quiet style isn’t instantly immersive, yet it becomes increasingly so as you collect more and more of its minor, more interesting details.” – AU Review

Solo Album

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